About Us

Moccasin Creek is a family owned NC Vineyard.  We grow Muscadine grapes, the most popular varietal being Scuppernong.  We are one of the few certified organic Muscadine vineyards in NC, and are also a 'Century Farm'.  The 'Century Farm' designation is given to farms in NC that have been run by the same family for over 100 years.

Our founder is Thomas Yates Baker III (T.Y.), who runs day to day operations of the vineyard.  T.Y. has help from his son Thomas Yates Baker IV (Yates), as well as his other children Brooke Baker and Michael Woody.  Gwen Baker, T.Y.'s wife, can also be seen trimming the vines during the summer months.

We sell jelly, juice and raw product.  Try some, and let us know what you think!